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My first book has been Born!

Yes, it’s true, Perseverance & Possibility in Kenya is now available for purchase on Amazon! I barely believed it when I clicked on the link.  A Dream come True! And I want to share it with you. This is deeply important to me; the stories within these pages are ALL about Perseverance, NOT Giving Up, […]

Kenya, here I come!

I am so excited and grateful to be flying to Nairobi on June 4th to perform with SIGANA International Storytelling Festival and to expand my literacy volunteer project AND partner with Artfully AWARE as I share their Story Book Project in 2 regions of Kenya! It will be a busy 30 days and I appreciate […]

You CAN Be a Superhero

Greetings Superheroes! On this day of ComicCon, may YOU all Release YOUR Inner Superheroes! BE SUPER in YOUR Community: Share a HUG, a Smile, a Parking Space, Happily Merge on the Highway, Compliment someone, Pay someone’s Toll, Tip Generously… It only takes a few seconds to make someone’s Day SUPER! To CELEBRATE the Annual Superhero […]