Corporate Training

Stories are Powerful Teaching Tools. They connect across age, culture and socio-economic lines. Stories build bridges of understanding between clients, customers, employees, management and CEO’s.

Kristin has worked with artists, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen, graphic designers, health care providers, innovators, internet technologists and scientists. The following programs are customizable and adaptable to your industry. Completely customized programs are also available.

Understanding the Story of your Clients, Co-workers and Boss = a Better Bottom Line for everyone

Every one has a Story.  Those Stories often hold the key to better understanding of what motivates clients, co-workers and bosses.  If we take the time to actively listen we can create a more healthy workplace environment which translates into increased productivity and a better bottom line.

This keynote focuses on:

  • The Value of the Seasoned Employee; tapping into experience as an Asset in an ever-changing environment
  • Connecting the “Old Guard” to the “New Kids on the Block”
  • Active Listening
  • Tapping into Talents
  • Shares Successful Case Study Stories

Perseverance & Possibility

The world is in flux; the only constant is change. Navigating this change can be a daunting experience. However, change also equals opportunity. Stories have the Power to motivate and inspire employees and bosses to view obstacles as Opportunities rather than roadblocks leading to further success for all considered. This keynote focuses on true tales of tenacity collected on my worldwide travels highlighting the potential that exists everywhere when we serve as catalysts and tap into talent (including our own). Through true tales of tenacity adapted and customized for Your setting, this program offers the Power of the personal story to push through potential problems and seek solutions.

The Art of Active & Empathetic Listening:

Listen. Learn. Many of us are excellent speakers. Equally important is to be an excellent Listener. This hands-on workshop shares information & exercises about how to be an Active and Empathetic Listener to better understand every interaction from clients to co-workers and beyond.

  • Make no Assumptions
  • See beyond the suit/tie/title
  • Learn how to THINK before you speak
  • Learn how to Reflect, Repeat & Validate
  • Build a Bridge Between
  • Find Common Ground

All programs are highly customizable for your business or organization. Fees upon request. Fees vary according to number of participants and length of workshop.