Kristin is a highly rated Speaker, Facilitator and award winning Storyteller. She presents and performs worldwide at conferences, corporate events, universities, schools, storytelling festivals, and special events. Currently, she serves as a Storytelling Consultant at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Keynotes highlight the power of story to connect across perceived boundaries. Interactive, engaging, energetic and inspiring. 

Every Story Matters: every person has a story and every encounter is an opportunity to learn. Break stereotypes, see beyond a job title or diagnosis, reveal the human condition.

We Become the Stories We Tell: are the stories you share serving yourself and others? Is is time to share a new story or re-frame and re-tell?

More Than a Diagnosis: every client or patient is more than a chart code or diagnosis. Learn how to mine the stories of those you serve and of staff as well for better healthcare outcomes.

Wings of Hope: pushes past stigma and stereotypes in mental health. Every one of us is more than one descriptor, we do not need to be defined by a diagnosis or different brain chemistry. Kristin shares her story out of darkness.

You can learn more details about each keynote here: Guest Lectures/Keynotes

Professional Development: Kristin also presents Professional Development Workshops in Business, Education, and Health Care.


Presentation Skills:

Ignite, TED Type Talks

Powerpoint Properly

Beyond the Data, What’s the Human Story.

Coaching for small groups

Interpersonal Communication:

Cultural Sensitivity: Communicate Across Cultures

Every Story Matters: connecting across departments, teams and sectors.



How to Use Multicultural Legends to Engage Diverse Students & Teach Guided Creative Writing (Based on her book, A Bridge of Stories: Risking it All to Connect Classrooms and Cultures in Belize)

StorySolving: the Use of Story to Tackle Tough Topics (Bullying)

Every Day Superheroes (to Inspire & Motivate). Professional Development


Currently, Kristin provides programs for more adult audiences, though she began her career performing Interactive Folktale Theatre and presenting  Workshops for Youth  Her work has expanded into Keynotes, Guest Lectures and Professional Development Workshops/Seminars.