Keynotes and Guest Lectures

“Kristin is fascinating. She takes over the stage and grabs the attention of the entire audience with stories that will give the listener a series of positive emotions. Her message very authentic.” ~Louis-Philippe Loncke, Adventurer, Explorer, Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Ambassador

“Kristin is an exceptional storyteller – she inspires through her amazing stories and gives confidence that allows to believe that nothing can stop you. After meeting her you just have no excuse but to dare to realize your dreams.” – Anna Osińska, incubator Starter, Gdansk Poland

Keynotes across disciplines and sectors.

We Become the Stories We Consume, Share and Tell.     The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves combined with the stories we consume, click and share deeply impact our views of ourselves, others and the world around us. Are the stories you tell serving you or stopping you? How do you begin to re-frame and re-tell? Kristin shares a pathway to 1. Be aware of the Stories you are telling and the impact they are having on you, your interpersonal relationships and your interactions in the world around you. 2. Understand how these stories can serve or stop us in being resilient and able to navigate challenges. 3. Assist you to begin to set a new foundation with tips and techniques to begin to re-frame, re-tell and be the author of your own story. 4. Be able to better negotiate and navigate challenges. 5. Stop the stories that stop you. 6. Connect more completely to clients and potential partners. 60 minutes keynote, 90 to 120 as workshop.
“It always amazes me that you can so powerfully tell your story so that others can see their story in some part of the emotion, understanding and strength you create. You are the voice of others who are still trying to find or use theirs. In your vulnerability, you allow others to be vulnerable too and begin the process of healing.” ~Jane Wells Schooley, Northstar Womens’ Leadership

Every Story Matters: every person has a story and every encounter is an opportunity to learn. Break stereotypes, see beyond a job title or diagnosis, reveal the human condition. Can be customized for your specific sector. 45 to 60 minutes.

More Than a Diagnosis: Patients are more than their diagnosis or a coding number. Staff are more than their title. Are we fully hearing the stories of our clients and patients? Are we seeing beyond the diagnosis? Kristin shares a pathway to seeing our clients/patients as multifaceted human beings so we can provide better care with more positive patient compliance and outcomes. Partner activities provide participants with hands-on application. 60 minutes

Wings of Hope: This keynote pushes past stigma and stereotypes in mental health. Every one of us is more than one descriptor, we do not need to be defined by a diagnosis. Kristin shares  her journey out of darkness and the unexpected gifts gleaned from growing up with a suicidal father who served in Silent Warriors in Vietnam, an understandably anxiety-ridden mother and an alcoholic brother. She shares her story and survivors from around the world. Where there is darkness, there is also light and by sharing our stories we can offer healing to others and ourselves. 45 to 60 minutes.

Youth/Young Adults: Every Day Superhero:  True tales culled from the internet & in person interviews across the globe of people who positively impacted through sometimes seemingly small actions that created big changes.  This highly interactive program serves students in identifying their own inner Super Powers; their gifts, talents and skill sets and illustrates how they can utilize these gifts to positively impact their communities. 45 minute presentation followed by 30-60 minutes break-out brainstorming sessions. Geared toward youth in Middle, High School and College.

I Know Victoria’s Secret: She’s Not Perfect Either/ Love Your Body:  Every day we are inundated with airbrushed beyond recognition images of the human body; often these images are literally impossible to achieve and yet we struggle to mold & morph our bodies to fit the frame.  Through a multi-media interactive, participatory presentation, Kristin re-frames our thinking to focus on all that our bodies CAN do and offers tips, activities and practical advice to celebrate rather than berate our bodies.  This program can be customized for teens, adults and also for those recovering from catastrophic illness. 60 minutes.

Potential & Possibility: True Stories gathered from in person interviews around the world to inspire participants to discover their own gifts, talents and skill sets and connect them to a challenge or cause to create the change they wish to see. Breakdown stereotypes, foster cross-cultural understanding,  while illustrating the power of story to change perceptions and inspire action. 60 minutes with Q & A

Guest Lectures:

Cross Cultural Communication Through Story:  This talk illuminates the power of story to foster greater cross-cultural understanding engendering acceptance, tolerance  and valuing differences while celebrating similarities. 60 to 90 minutes with Q &A

HERstory: Weaving Women’s Stories: re-framing History with true stories of women throughout the world and time who paved their own path and left their mark across sectors including community efforts, education, environmental change, entrepreneurship, and government. Seeks to inspire and encourage women and men to see their own gifts, talents and skill sets and share them locally and globally. 60 minutes

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