We Become the Stories We Tell

We Become the Stories We Tell

Date(s) - 21 May 2017

, 17:00 - 18:00

It’s the truth: we become the stories and experiences we consume, share and tell. Are the stories you are telling serving you and others? Are they seeking to unite or divide? Empower or deflate? Is it time for a re-frame? This hands-on workshop leads participants through interactive partner activities to: 1. Be Aware of the Stories you are telling. 2. Consider if they are serving you and others. 3. Assist you to re-frame and re-tell, if need be. 4. Give you tools and tips for crafting a new story. 5. Empower you to empower others. 6. For those with entrepreneurial ideas: connect more fully to partners.

Where - Warehouse XI, Cambridge

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