The Xtabai, by Nayre Bol

In the village of Toledo there lives the Xtabai. the Xtabai has chicken feet, clear skin, blonde hair and green eyes. In the day time she was beautiful with her long blue dress covering her chicken feet. She smelt like a daisy. You could find her on on the roadside waiting for drunk men to […]

Tata Duende by Ruvi Bautista

Tata Duende by Ruvi Bautista STD 6 (7th Grade) Bishop Martin RC School (Note: Tata Duende is a spirit and a protector of the environment.) In the village of Alone Zone there lives Tata Duende. Tata Duende is a minute man, guardian of the forest. He is shockingly awkward. His feet are backwards, he is […]

47 teachers participated in Storytelling/Story-writing Workshop in Belize January 2011

Teacher Training, Professional Development

Teacher Training and Professional Development Workshops available in the United States and worldwide. Kristin presents interactive, hands-on activities featuring Storytelling in the Classroom, Bringing Books Alive, Literacy Activities, Story-writing To Preserve and Connect culture. To learn more about Teacher Training Workshops click on Professional Development Workshops. To learn more about teacher training in Belize, click […]

Students at Bishop Martin School, San Ignacio Belize react to story

Literacy Outreach Belize

Literacy Outreach Belize, founded and facilitated by Kristin Pedemonti, provides literacy programs in storytelling and story-writing for youth throughout Belize. Since 2006, Kristin has donated programs for 33,000 children. In this photo, children react to storytelling at Bishop Martin RC School during a Literacy Outreach visit January 2011. Click on Literacy Outreach Belize to learn […]


Fly with Story

Come fly with me through story. Spread your wings, leave your chrysalis and explore the world of folktales. Stories connect us one to another, they transform us and allow us to “fly” to places we may not have the opportunity to travel to in reality. Explore the stories in your world; ask relatives to tell […]