Kindness on a Corner

He stood on the corner looking a lot like Santa Claus, a smile on his face and a cup outstretched in his hands. I smiled back and asked if he was hungry and would he like to go somewhere and share a sandwich. He responded with a bigger smile and a resounding YES. His name […]

Who Says Teens Have No Ideas?

Who says Teens have no ideas? This week I had the privilege of presenting “Potential & Possibility: Create Change” at La Porte Junior High School in Texas. This particular presentation focuses on teen identified issues & challenges within communities and shares teen created solutions through True Stories and interactive multi-media. Stories were shared such as: […]

Reflections on this MLK Day

On this MLK Day, reflecting on words spoken 51 years ago and realizing we have made progress, but we’ve still far to go. And realizing that the words shared continue to ring true. Let us share the table with everyone who hungers, open our minds to deep & honest conversation with ourselves & each other, […]

Reflections on 2014

Dear 2014, You were heart, mind and soul expanding. You were challenging. And sometimes frustrating. And dark. And then light again. I learned a lot from you about myself, about others, about this wonderful world we live in. We grew together. We grew apart. We made it through the mud. We remembered to celebrate the […]