Artfully AWARE; Community Created Books Project

In collaboration with CGI member Artfully AWARE, Kristin volunteers in developing countries collecting True Stories of Potential, Possibility and Resilience from artists, educators, entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen, health care workers, innovators, scientists, and students focusing on innovation & creativity, persistence & possibility. Challenges and adversity are also opportunities for local creative problem solving. Our goal is to break the cycle of dependency create better understanding of the often untapped talents of those live in the developing world by featuring projects and programs created & run by local people utilizing their inherent talent.

We are happy to share these inspiring and illuminating stories with your Organization, University or Business.

In Kenya, Kristin IMG_4791collected True Tales of Tenacity from widowed women who refused to be inherited and instead collaborate on a cooperative farming project, CEPACET which has empowered them to now micro-lend to each other.  For more information click here: CEPACET



Kids in Kibera Slum, Nairobi create Art and write powerful Journalism articles at UWEZA’s after school clubs. For more information click here:  UWEZA

Painted by Clinton, age 14                                                                               Painted by Ray Khaz, age 20

Clinton Odhiambo KiberaRay Khaz Future Kibera




The Stories were complied into a book featuring art created by every day local people to celebrate and share their projects and encourage others to look within themselves for answers. We all have so much Potential to make an impact. Often we simply need a catalyst for change. The goal is to inspire others to embrace their own talents, to seek ways to problem solve in their own communities and to foster Knowledge Transfer and Replication of Best Practice Programs. You can purchase the book here: Perseverance & Possibility in Kenya

Kristin has also traveled and volunteered in Ghana where she interviewed 50+ Ghanaians for the next book, Ghana Is… which is now available: Ghana Is… Kristin traveled to Haiti January 23 to February 6 2014 for the next set of interviews, “Haiti 4 Years After.”


The books are distributed to each collaborating organization and to schools, community centers and across cultures to other developing countries participating in the program as well as with NGO’s, Organizations, Businesses and Educational settings with an interest in learning Best Practices. The goal is a cross-cultural exchange of ideas. When we work Together so much is Possible!

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