In the US Kristin performs and presents at universities, schools, storytelling festivals, and special events from NYC to New Orleans and everywhere inbetween (and beyond). She began her career performing Interactive Folktale Theatre and presenting  Workshops for Youth  Her work has expanded into Keynotes, Guest Lectures and Professional Development Workshops/Seminars.

Internationally: Kristin performs worldwide sharing stories of Hope, Kindness, Understanding, and building bridges between people and cultures. June 2013 she performed in Sigana International Storytelling Festival in Kenya. March 2013 she presented at TEDx Warsaw & guest lectured at several language schools. Spring 2011 she completed her First European Tour with performances in Paris, Naples, and guest lectures at Malardalen University in Eskilstuna, and drama workshop Storvik, Sweden. Fall 2011 she performed at Quiero Cuento Festival. in Bogota. In 2012, she performed again in Paris and Sweden, as well as guest lecturing in Belfast and an Artist in Residency in the UK.

Professional Development: Kristin also presents Professional Development Workshops: Cross Cultural Communication through Storytelling, Bringing Books Alive in the Classroom, StorySolving: the Use of Story to Tackle Tough Topics such as Bullying. Superhero 101; Every Day Superheroes (to Inspire & Motivate). She leads workshops for Educators and those who work in Service fields. You can learn more by clicking here: Professional Development

Key Notes & Motivational Programs: Kristin’s Key Notes Motivate and Inspire with Persistence & Possibility; True Tales of Overcoming Adversity. Empathy into Action; your Passion + Action = Change. Free Hugs at 12,000 Feet; Discovering and Sharing Joy in Story, Superhero 101: Release Your Inner Superhero, and ABC’s of Wild Women Who Dared (And YOU Can Too!) Click here for more details: Motivational Programs

Volunteer Projects: Kristin is also the Founder/Facilitator of volunteer project Literacy Outreach Belize. Since September 2005 she’s donated programs for 33,340 students and trained 800 teachers how to use their own indigenous stories in school. Through Invitation she is expanding into Nairobi, Kenya June 2013, Accra, Ghana November 2013 and Tamil Nadu, India, Date TBA. The project is supported by National Storytelling Network which serves as her fiscal umbrella for 5013c status. She is working on non-profit status and creation of Building Bridges Between which will encompass her Worldwide volunteer efforts.

Kristin is the Lead Facilitator for The Story Book Project for Artfully AWARE.   In June 2013 she volunteered collecting Real Life Stories of Overcoming Adversity from Kenyans who created their own local solutions to challenges. She collaborated with CEPACET interviewing widowed women who refused to be inherited and work together on a farming cooperative empowering each other. She also volunteered with UWEZA in Kibera slum and collected stories of resilience from teens using the arts to express themselves. Kristin will be the Lead Facilitator in Ghana, Belize and India and plans to expand into Haiti and Colombia.