Professional Development/Workshops

Kristin Pedemonti presents Professional Development/Workshops worldwide. She has presented for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Grief Matters Conference Penn State, World Bank Head Quarters, UN Child Care Center, TASIS London, Queen’s University Belfast, Kutztown University, University of Belize, Lehigh Valley Storytelling Festival, National Storytelling Network Conference, Sigana Storytelling Festival in Kenya, International School of Paris, Malardalen University in Sweden, Vasterberg Folk High School in Storvik Sweden as well as other locations.

All Professional Development Presentations and Workshops are Hands-on; learn by participating in small group activities.
There are many different workshops available and each can be customized to your needs.

Here’s what people are saying:

I was especially touched by your excellent presentation at the WFA World Bank Knowledge Forum October 2016. Your packaging of your ‘Hugs Project’ with the need to frame ‘stories’ to give life and meaning to big data in presentations was most meaningful to me and you do a good job at it. For sure it infuses the presenter as showing a sense of connectedness and therefore believable in the material content he/she is putting across. I have had a career both at the country level and now in the Bank on data and presentations and what you are about must be scalable to all who work to lift livelihoods of people everywhere.  

I sure did take your kindly offered hug before leaving the session. Please continue to share hugs. You make our world a better place. Our world needs hugs individually and collectively in all we do. Hugs to you.”

~Kris K, World Bank Staff

From Guest Lecture/Workshop Storytelling Malardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden:

“The most helpful thing I learned today was think outside the box, be creative and create a story on stage. Great inspiration, enthusiasm, loved it!”

“The most helpful part of the day was feeling your love and passion for storytelling.”

Health Care Professionals:

Every Story Matters: The stories and experiences we tell and focus on each day become our world view. They also affect the care we provide to our clients and patients. The good news is we have the power over what we tell and listen to. Are the stories we sharing serving us and others? If not, how do we begin to re-frame and re-tell? Are we fully hearing the stories of our clients and patients? Are we seeing beyond the diagnosis? Kristin shares a pathway to hearing the stories of our clients and sharing stories that inspire, uplift and provide hope for ourselves and others. Partner activities provide participants with hands-on application. 60 – 90 minutes

Grief Matters: Many of our clients, patients and their families experience grief; whether due to their diagnosis, the idea of death and dying or from the fatigue of providing care. How do we serve them to navigate their grief while navigating our own? This hands-on workshop speaks to the need for self care as well as how to hear the full stories of those we serve. 60 to 90 minutes.

Grief in Other Cultures: Kristin shares her experiences with grief in other cultures and lights the path for others to better understand, value and appreciate the different ways we grieve as we serve diverse populations.  60 minutes with Q & A

School & Education:

Storytelling in the Classroom: Bringing Books Alive
Learn basic storytelling techniques to bring books alive in the classroom; call and response, interjecting audience participation into story, voice and movement techniques. Connect curriculum to story; social studies, English as Second Language, civics, science and Language Arts. Many resources shared for materials you can use to connect your students to multicultural literature while teaching. Note: different materials available for Preschool, Primary, Middle, and High School as well as University level. 4 hours.

“I would highly recommend Kristin Pedemonti for any school but especially those who need someone who can tell stories with a positive message. She will get your students energized about reading and performing!” Barry Ferguson, Principal South Lebanon Elementary School, Lebanon, PA


StorySolving: Storytelling + Process Drama to Tackle Tough Topics = Positive Problem Solving
Learn how to combine Storytelling and Process Drama to re-work unsatisfying endings. Teach your students to create new solutions to the problem at hand. We focus on issues such as bullying, tolerance and acceptance. This program provides the students with an opportunity for developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is also helpful for addressing issues that affect all schools; especially Bullying. The Workshop can be customized to your needs. Appropriate for grades 4 and up. Note: this can also be presented as a student workshop. 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Connecting Culture Through Story
How to connect the cultures in Your classroom with folktales. Typically, five prominent cultures in Your class are researched with stories and exercises presented that teachers can use as springboards for writing activities focusing on creative writing with legends, social studies activities, history, English and Inquiries of Learning skills. Note: This can also be presented as a student workshop. 4 hours.

Cross Cultural Communication through Storytelling
Focuses on cross cultural communication through folktales; example Cinderella stories throughout the world; how they connect and how they differ.  Uses of story in cultures throughout the world: teaching tales, peace building through story, character education, social justice, cultural preservation, etc. Explore Panchatantra stories in India, Jakata stories in Indonesia as teaching tools as well as stories from the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Europe. 90 minutes.

Storytelling is a wonderful way to Connect to Differently Abled Students; storytelling gives students with different learning styles and abilities an opportunity to shine and participate. Learn how to connect to these students through any one of the Professional Development Workshops listed.

Fees are dependent upon which workshop you choose and whether or not there is travel involved. Email for more information about fee structure.