Learning From Each Other

The more I travel the more I learn. I’ve recently returned from a month tour in Europe including Vordinborg in Denmark, Budapest, London, Paris and several cities & villages in Romania. Here’s what I learned:   What have YOU learned in your travels or in Sharing Stories? I’d love to know!

Living out loud. No regrets

This birthday marks an important milestone. September 3rd, I will become the age my father was when he died. I have always wondered if I would make it past that point. It looks like I will. I am grateful. Utterly, absolutely grateful. For the past decade I have chosen to live utterly, unapologetically out loud. […]

The Art of Listening

Everyone has a story. These stories are valuable, they matter. Stories connect us across culture, age, and perceived boundaries. As we share our stories from the heart, it is as deeply important to Listen to someone’s story from the Heart. Listening from the Heart helps us find common ground and build bridges between as we […]

A New Year of Possibilities

2014 A New Year of Possibilities. Lesson learned in 2013; TOGETHER we can do so much MORE. 2013 was an Amazing year. I’m still pinching myself. Everything accomplished was because of Collaborations; reaching out and working Together. Sharing. Highlights: Performed at Festivals in Asheville, NC Poland, and Kenya. Collaborated with CGI member Artfully Aware. Volunteered […]

Haiti is More than Tent Cities

I’ve recently returned from my first volunteer trip to Haiti. It is so much MORE than Tent Cities. Haiti is BEAUTIFUL. Rolling hills, give way to terraced mountainsides as you wind round, up and down, back and forth on hairpin turns from Port-au-Prince to Mizak near Jacmel. Sitting perched in the back of a pick-up […]