Building Bridges Between

Kristin performing at TED Talks:


Award winning, Cause-Focused Storyteller, Speaker, Author and TED Talks talent search finalist,

Kristin Pedemonti is a conduit, connector and catalyst. She builds bridges between people and breaks down stereotypes and barriers through stories of perseverance and possibility, resilience and understanding.  She shows you a world where we are all interconnected, there are No Strangers and anything is possible. Kristin encourages everyone to realize Your story matters and everyone has the potential to be the change they wish to see.

She performs & presents worldwide sharing Traditional & True Tales of Perseverance, Possibility, Hope & Understanding. Previous work in clinics for under-served women and as Lead Interviewer for the SHARE Ovarian Cancer Study at the University of Pennsylvania cemented the Power of Story.  In 2005 she sold her home and possessions to create/facilitate volunteer project Literacy Outreach Belize. She’s donated programs for 33,000  youth and trained 800 teachers how to use their own cultural stories in the classroom. Her book, Building Bridges Between; Connecting Culture, Classrooms & Communities is slated for publication in 2015.

Kristin is currently a Storytelling Consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC. She was Lead Facilitator for Clinton Global Initiative member Artfully AWARE’s Community Created Book Project. She volunteered in Kenya, Ghana and Haiti interviewing local artisans, educators, entrepreneurs and innovators collecting their life stories of resilience, persistence & overcoming adversity. The book Perseverance and Possibility in Kenya  &  Ghana Is… are available for purchase. She will next volunteer in Nepal collaborating with Kathalaya publishers.

She’s presented in DC, NYC, Belfast, Berlin, Bogota, London, Nairobi, Naples, Paris, Sweden, Warsaw & most recently was the 1st American selected to present at Kanoon Storytelling Festival in Iran In 2013, she presented at  TEDx Warsaw & Sigana Storytelling Festival in Kenya as a featured teller. Her other passions are sharing FREE HUGS and helping others realize their potential to make a difference.